Garden Avenue Grill and Coffee Hub is a warm and social neighborhood restaurant established in the heart of Gen. Mariano Alvarez, Cavite. We are an expressive establishment with a modern twist on a classic menu.

GAGCF offers regional dishes made from scratch with local and seasonal ingredients. A visit to Garden Avenue Grill and Coffee Hub is an experience to share, savor and repeat as needed.

At Garden Avenue Grill and Coffee Hub, you can savor good food while having the best time with your family and friends without the need to travel far.

Need to satisfy your #squadgoals or #fambam? Our boodle packages can fill everyone’s hunger to their heart’s delight.

Garden Avenue Grill and Coffee Hub is famous for being a “Home of Boodle Fight” in GMA. Why? Because we are precisely a true Pinoy home that serves great food and even better moments.

Sipping that frothy cappuccino gives the same indulgence as relishing a native sinigang na hipon. Each as satisfying as the other. Everything is appetizing to the taste as it is appealing to the eyes (and the Instagrammer). Why not have both and more?

Plus, enjoy the calm ambiance of the lush garden and focus on the mundane memories and even for a moment, let the fleeting time beyond the garden pass.

If time is gold, then the time you will spend with a good company is a treasure trove. It is always worthwhile to sit down, relax and eat together as we Filipinos have been taught to gather in festivities in the past. Let Garden Avenue Grill and Coffee Hub be your home away from home.

Food is not just a necessity. It is a way of life. Especially when a feast is served for your loved ones.

Garden Avenue Grill and Coffee Hub’s menu offers a variety of Filipino dishes from the finicky youngsters to the discerning adults.

We make sure that the local, familiar tastes that we have are even more inviting for all to delight in.

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Garden Avenue